It’s that time of the week again! And what a way to end Season 4 of Soul Unexpected!
Meet comedians, writers and the creators of Woke Comedy…… might I also mention they are two of my favourite comedic matriarchs, Ellisa Black Wolf Kixen & Dione C. Haynes!
Both Dione and Ellisa created Woke Comedy as a safe space for BIPOC comedians to share they’re stories utilizing comedy. If you live in Winnipeg you need to check out a show!
Join the ladies of Woke Comedy, myself and guest host Kammer Kinnerath of Gay Lunch Podcast, as we chat why spaces like Woke Comedy are essential, what inspired both Elissa and Dione to go into the art of comedy and so much more.
This episode is raw, unedited, and UNAPOLOGETIC! Get ready to laugh your ass…literally!
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