adeline bird


host, producer, stylist & inspirational speaker

She’s fun, yet introverted, she loves all her imperfections and accepts all her learning curves, also known as “mistakes” and understands she is human. She is a healer, lover, sister, and friend with a thirst for connection, consciousness, knowledge, spirituality and entrepreneurship.

She loves creativity, elegance with a dash of luxury, always keeping in mind that having those small moments to take a breath is a luxury within itself.

With a passion for both social change and personal development, Soul Unexpected was born.

Created as a place for open hearts and souls, a place for vulnerability, life advice, and conscious style ideas, it’s also a place to make mistakes and learn from them, a place to ask questions, and find inner peace and freedom with style.

Her fire is lit through connecting with others. She is here to serve, create and spread love.

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Red Rising Magazine, Defining Narrtives, Identity & Everything Inbetween w/ Lenard Monkman

January 18th, 2017|



Ahhh! We have so many amazing guests on Soul Unexpected, including this week’s guest, who is the co-creator of Red Rising Magazine and reporter for CBC Indigenous, Lenard Monkman.
Back in December, Lenard wrote an article on the experiences of non-indigenous and indigenous mixed race people, which featured three mixed race women, including myself, and the response was a amazing!
I had yet another awakening and realized how important dialog and conversations around identity is so needed for so […]

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