As we continue our journey into topics of mental health. I first want to take the time to acknowledge those who either experience or are going through any type of mental health challenges. Please know, that you are cared for, and that they’re are people working really hard to help or make the necessary changes within the mental health care system to better serve and support members of our community.

You are not alone, and please believe there are people who genuinely care.

Like this guy right here.

Meet Michael Champagne, founder and organizer of the AYO Movement. 

Michael is a community activist, public speaker and inspiration to so many inner city youth. He has been featured in Time Magazine, and did a  Ted Talk Titled “Oppression to Opportunity.”

Michael was recently one of the many faces of this year’s Bell Let’s Talk Campaign, bringing a Urban First Nations Perspective to the conversation on Mental Health.

Join Michael and I, as we chat…..

  • Equity Vs. Equality. Why Equity is a more important conversation to have when discussing ways to help solve problems within Urban First Nations Communities.
  • Holistic approaches to mental health
  • REPRESENTATION! Especially, in positions of leadership within the mental health field. I.e. Management, Executive Directors etc.
  • Creating a village to better support community members.
  • The importance of safe spaces and so much more!


To learn more about Michael and the AYO Movement head over to



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