As many of you may know, I am a huge advocate and supporter of the Arts. Particularly when it comes writing and creating content.

In a world where we can now express ourselves through things like social media, so many creative and brilliant minds are putting themselves out there and sharing their gifts.

Meet Abdul Smith. Poet, Writer and future Author.

Abdul is originally from Sierra Leone and is a survivor of its civil war that ended in 2002. Abdul uses his poetry and writing to express his himself in a positive and healthy way. His story of strength and resilience is empowering and I am so honored to have him as a guest on the Soul Unexpected Podcast.

Join Abdul and I as we chat the importance of sharing our stories through writing, he shares a spoken word piece titled “Dear daughter” (Y’all are in for a treat) and his advice to any inspiring poet on how you can get started today.

In this episode, we elevate you by….

· How poetry teaches us about life and ourselves

· Using poetry to express vulnerability (which is oh so sexy by the way).

· Why writing and poetry are so essential for this generation
And so much more!

To learn more about Abdul, connect with him on Instagram: @word_smith_07

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