Question for ya:

How much do you really know about what it means to have a healthy relationship and sex life?

Meet my friend Susan Wenzel, Sex & Relationship Therapist. Susan has spent her career working and studying how people connect in relationships and sex, and has made it a business to better serve the community.

Her services include spirituality and sexuality, sex & aging, closeness, pleasure and so much more!

Join Susan and I as we chat about everything from the importance of avoiding judgement in the way we communicate in relationships, to learning to love your Vagina! That’s right! I said it! VAGINA!!!!


In this episode we elevate you by…..


  • The how’s and why’s communication is so important in relationships.
  • 3 effective ways you can optimize your communications skills in your relationship
  • Boundaries
  • Ways to attach emotions to your wants and desires.
  • The importance of building a “Relationship” with your vagina.


And so much more!


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