When it comes to the conversation of finances, this subject alone can be either exciting or intimidating. Personally, I grew hearing things like “Money is the root of all evil” and in many ways, I can see where this perspective manifests from, but what if we as a generation could change the way we and the rest of the world view money? As I grow into my journey of entrepreneurship, I am beginning to see how essential it is to learn to understand money.

Money can be used as a tool to not just elevate ourselves, but our communities as a whole.

Meet John Mark Wilderspin, longtime friend, real estate agent and entrepreneur.

I recently sat down with John Mark over some Freshii, and he shared with me everything he was learning about money, from what it means to lease a car to how to invest, I was amazed and intrigued by all the knowledge, so naturally, I invited him on as a guest.

This episode is jam-packed with wisdom and knowledge! So grab your pens and paper to jot down all the soulfulness in this episode!


In this episode, we will elevate you by….

  • Understanding why we carry shame around our finances, and what to do to overcome that shame.
  • Why leasing a vehicle is a rip-off.
  • How a Tax-Free Savings Account can benefit you financially.
  • The importance of knowing your expenses.
  • John Mark gives 3 steps you can start to take to step up your financial game

And so much more!


To learn more about John head over to www.sellwinnipegrealestate.com.


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