Yoga….my sacred practice. As a business women, foster parent, content creator and everything else in between, it’s the one space I know I can focus on myself, all while creating balance within. This to me is self-love.

Yoga has been one of the tools I use in my journey of self-discovery, with each pose creating space to love myself on a deeper level.

With the increase of  mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, yoga litarelly allows you to heal yourself from the inside out.

For many, yoga is an internal practice that touches the depths of your soul. It also challenges you to actively listen to what your body’s needs in each moment and choosing to honour that, creating space for you chose love over ego.

In a world obsessed with the external, people are suffering all over the world from feelings of not being good enough. We are a society that is always striving for more; to be more, to have more. The practice of yoga changes you by helping you to recognise your own version of self-love.

Meet this week’s #SoulfulRepeat Guest, Yoga instructor and entrepreneur Nicole Jolly. Join Nicole and I as we chat yoga as a form of self-love, the health benefits of yoga, over coming the ego in practice, and so much more!

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