This week on Soul Unexpected we have a #soulfulrepeat episode with season 2 guest and business consultant Keisha Paul. Join us as we chat community-based and social entrepreneurship and it’s growth. As well as why more people and organizations are interested in issues in relation to how to encourage a more self-sufficient and sustainable world for future generations.

In my quest to discover myself outside the 9-5 world, Keisha was there for me! With a love for helping people and the community, Keisha works hard to motivate and help small businesses get off their feet.

Keisha offers business training services, business improvement services, and so much more!

In this episode you will learn sooo much around the importance of community and entrepreneurship! So sit back, relax, grab a pen and paper, as we elevate you by…..

  • Understanding the importance of spending your dollar locally and investing in your community. (I like to call this “Conscious Spending”).
  • Why self-determination is key when starting a business.
  • Why you should say “goodbye” to perfection when starting your business.
  • How and why this new market creates space for entrepreneurs to prove their worth.
  • How following the pattern of what “everyone else does” inhabits growth.

And so much more!

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