Many people around the world are calling for an “entrepreneurial revolution” in hopes of fixing social and economic problems. This call naively assumes that more entrepreneurs are needed to address these issues. However, increasing the number of entrepreneurs is not as critical as persuading entrepreneurs to improve their societies through growth, innovation and social transformation. The revolution should consist of transforming contemporary entrepreneurial culture, to make it more socially conscious.

Entrepreneurs are known for creating new ventures that creatively solve problems. This definition, I believe, has to be expanded to convey entrepreneurs as powerful agents of cultural change, with the capacity of transforming societies. This does not mean taking time after work to address social issues. It means consciously incorporating social goals into entrepreneurs’ strategic thinking as a means of maximizing personal and collective benefits. This demands getting rid of the paradigm that only governments and established companies are capable of addressing social needs. Entrepreneurs, who operate for the people, are in a perfect position to identify and to tackle critical problems, such as poverty and the lack of access to health and education.

Entrepreneurial revolution or redefinition?

Meet Milena, creator and founder of Just The Goods. When I first started chatting with Milena, she brought it to my attention that she does not identify as an entrepreneur, but an anti-capitalist hand maker….interesting huh?

In her quest to create more natural and sufficient beauty products, Just The Goods was born!

I recently had the opportunity to try some of the amazing vegan products from her line, and might I say, I am very impressed. 

In this episode, we will elevate you by…..

  • Why looking at incorporating a more natural skin care regime is so essential.
  • New ways of understanding what’s in your everyday products.
  • Why we need to change the rhetoric around what it means to be an entrepreneur.
  • The connection between colonialism, imperialism, and entrepreneurship.

And so much more!

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