Each of us carries at least one story that is unforgettable or worth trying to forget. Whether the story is your own or from someone else, storytelling seems to speak to the DNA.

When you think of a unforgettable stories which ones are they?

Would you say you intentionally look for stories that similar or close to your own personal narrative?

Have you noticed that through digital outlets like social media and podcasting it’s now easier for so many people to express themselves through storytelling and sharing?

Either way, there is a beautiful revolution of storytelling and sharing happening!

Meet this week’s podcast guest, Kammer Kinnarath of the Gay Lunch Podcast,  which is dedicated to giving a voice to those not often heard, particularly in the LGBTQ community.

Join Kam and I as we chat the power of Podcasting revolutionizing the stories of more marginalized communities, Intention, and storytelling through connection and empowerment, and soooo much more!

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