“Just because we are pro-black, doesn’t mean we are anti-white.” -Kelechi Asagwara


This month the world witnessed the horrifying police shootings of both Alton Sterling and soon after Philado Castile. Both unarmed men of color.

Before that, we witnessed the lives of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and the list unfortunately goes on.

As a women of color myself, these images and stories affect me deeply. And I know I’m not alone.

This week on Soul Unexpected, I interview Alexa Potashnik, who is the Racialized Student Commissioner at the Canadian Student Federation and repeat guest of Soul Unexpected. Along with Kelechi Asagwara Co-Creator of Eze Studio. Alexa & Kelechi are organizers of Winnipeg’s Not Another Hashtag, Black Lives Matter vigil, held here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Join Alexa, Kelechi and I as we chat about the importance of the vigil, why people of color use the hash tag #blacklivesmatter and what people can expect from today’s vigil.

So, get comfortable. Relax and enjoy the show!


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