Pride Winnipeg 2017

Thousands attend the Pride Winnipeg Festival to celebrate our many victories and our diverse community, and to remember that there is so much to be proud of and thankful for. Pride Winnipeg has been celebrated annually since 1987, and has evolved from a one-day event into a 10-day festival filled with pride, confidence, fun, colour, music, laughter, optimism, and activism.Winnipeg Pride is the Pride of the Prairies

One of the largest celebration of LGBTTQ culture between Toronto and Vancouver. We invite everyone from far and wide to join our welcoming community and celebrate Pride in Winnipeg – the heart of the continent! -Pride Winnipeg

SpurFest Winnipeg 2017

Spur is Canada’s first national festival of politics, art, and ideas. I had the opportunity to host the Risk+ Performance First Friday Night. Spur is produced by Diaspora Dialogues and the Literary Review of Canada.

Occasional guest host on ckuw 95.9 Fm’s Raw Colours

Hosted and created by Alexa Potashnik  & Hazim Ismail. 

The aim of Raw Colours is to provide a platform for racialized and marginalized voices, to empower people of colour, and facilitate discussions on intersections and identities. Another goal is to wake people up from inauthentic perspectives with firsthand experience of oppression. Every topic and theme center’s around marginalized voices and how to best empower and mobilize the communities.

Host/Creative Writer for NCI-FM & Sirius XM’s Indigenous Music Countdown & Friends on Friday

The Indigenous Music Countdown spotlights today’s best new Indigenous music and shares interviews from artists who range from several genres including; hip-hop, rock, country, alternative, rock, folk and pop/dance.
NCI has been producing Canada’s longest running Indigenous music chart program since 2000.

Friends on Friday is a live request show hosted by Adeline Bird with Davey Gott. On NCI-FM, Manitoba’s #1 Country Staton.


“Adeline brings energy and vibrancy to her speaking engagements. Above all else, she is genuine and personable, which is exactly what I look for when I’m booking a speaker. She connects with audiences authentically and delivers the kind of dynamism that can make an event stand out. Her positivity and flexibility make her an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s the kind of speaker you’ll look forward to working with again and again. I highly recommend  Adeline Bird.”

-Kendra Magnus-Johnston  Spurfest Winnipeg 


“Since 2015, I have personally witnessed the professional development and growth demonstrated by the imperative work from Ms. Adeline Bird. Throughout her career, Ms. Bird has displayed an incredible amount of leadership within her advocacy and passion for her community.


Having worked with Ms. Bird on a number of community related projects, panels, knowing her writing abilities as author of Be Unapologetically You: A Self-Love Guide for Women of Color, and an active listener of her podcast Soul Unexpected, Ms. Bird delivers exceptional presentation and public speaking skill, influenced by her continuous efforts of community/nation building.


As a facilitator, emcee, community activist, author, blogger, podcaster, radio host and media personality, there is no doubt Ms. Bird is recognized as a community leader and influential role model for women and Winnipeggers alike.”


-Alexa Potashnik  Black Space Winnipeg


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