Redefining masculinity and changing the way we see gender roles is key when it comes to the discussion of accelerating the culture shift in how we live and work.
Meet Jeff Perera. Creator and founder of Higher Unlearning and two time Ted Talk Speaker. Jeff is a leader in having conversations around sexual assault, gender-based violence, healthy masculinity vs. Unhealthy masculinity, and more.
Jeff’s mission is to create safe and inspiring spaces for men and boys to embrace their full potential in positive and constructive ways.
Join Jeff and I as we chat what it what the term “masculine” and “feminine” mean, and do gender roles really serve us? Why making an impact in people’s lives is of better service to people than making an impression.
In this episode, we elevate you by….
• Unhealthily masculinity vs. Healthy masculinity.
• Accountability Vs. Shame
• What it means to build “empathy muscles.”
• How making mistakes can help define you in positives ways.
And so much more!
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