From the moment I read about her story, I knew I needed to get to know her.

What I find the most fascinating about her, is her ability to embody such rawness when it comes to sharing her journey.
She is not just a media spectacle, she is full of substance.
Toni’s message of poverty to higher education and youth employment is always refreshing to media and civic roundtables.
Toni is also a contributor and blogger for the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and has been featured on NOW weekly and Chatelaine Magazine.
I am so pleased and excited to share this episode with you.
Hold on tight Soul Family! You are about to experience inspiration OVERLOAD!!
In this episode, we elevate you by….
  • Why identifying with your circumstances (Good or Bad) can be a recipe for getting in the way of your growth.
  • The power in challenging the “norm” and kicking generational poverty to the curb through education.
  • Why you should never give up on your dreams and goals.
  • How taking risks can change your life.
  • How and why ambition and perseverance are essential to the human experience.
Toni also shares her experience living that Harvard life, and what she’s up to now as a social entrepreneur.
All of that, and so much more!
You can find Toni all over the internet!
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