Happy New Year Soul Family! Sending you love & light in your 2018!

The topic of mental health is one that is dear and near to me for many reasons. So I made the conscious decision to

dedicate the month of January to topics of mental health.

So many of us experience some sort of trauma in our lives that can trigger struggles around our mental health.

Meet author and writer Tobi Nifesi.

Tobi recently launched his book “Domestic” a Novel about a young wife who’s husband is murdered, and becomes a

suspect in the case because losing her husband triggers mental health issues.

What I found fascinating is Tobi’s use of creativity to ignite a conversation around mental health and domestic



Join Tobi and I as we chat his book Domestic, What inspired him to write a book around mental health and domestic

abuse, Self-care and worth, and why the topic of mental health is important in communities of colour.

To learn more about Tobi, head over to www.tobinefisi.com 


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