Wonderful Winnipeg!

One amazing and ever growing city! Winnipeg has become known for its arts, films, restaurants, and devotion to creating better communities, but there is just one problem.
We have so many amazing people who are putting on events, conducting workshops, classes etc. and are either going unrecognized or unsupported….or perhaps, misunderstood.
So, why is that?
Meet two people I know love Winnipeg and are repeat guests, Natalie Bell and Reno Winston.
Natalie is a local blogger of the blog Peg City Lovely and Reno Winston is a life coach, local media mogoal, and stylist.

Join Natalie, Reno and I, as we dissect why so many Winnipeger’s  still believe that Winnipeg is “boring,” and why we constantly compare ourselves to other Canadian cities, such as Toronto or Vancouver, when in fact, if you really stepped outside your comfort zone, you would see our city is just as exciting and innovative.

I also invite you to get strated on getting yourself out there, learning about different communities, so that we can begin to kick our inferiority complex to the crib!

So how can you get started?

  1. Live your life like a Tourist. Get out there, explore your city!
  2. Collobrate to elevate. Collobrate with like minded people, who are doing amazing thing.
  3. Start a movement or blog. It only costs $20 to start a website.
  4. Join Communities. Its so imporant that we learn about the diversity our city has to offer.
  5. Lastly, share EVENTS! If you see an event that you think your people would enjoy, SHARE IT!


To learn more about Natalie head over to www.pegcitylovely.com & to learn more about Reno check out his website at www.itjustgotreno.com 


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