Before I begin, let me start off by apologizing for posting last week’s episode so late. As many of you may know, I am currently under going some life changes….in a good way! So please bare with me, providing you with real talk and a dash of positivity means everything to me.                                           


Okay, so enough about me. I want you to meet one of the flyest human beings I have the privilege of calling my friend Edmund Machona, writer, photographer and filmmaker. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Edmund shares his journey being a gay black man in Canadian society.

Join the discussion as we chat….                                   

  •  Shedding light on the racism that exists within the LGBTQ community and why this conversation is essential in our modern society.                         
  •   How racism interacts w/ sexual identity.             
  • Stepping into your voice.       
  •   What it means to be truly committed to a more loving and just world.                         
  •   Identity based politics            


And so much more!                    


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