If I were to ask you what is one qulaity you feel someone with courage embodies what would your answer be?

Maybe fearless? or self aware?

Would you have said self love?

As a content creator, cultivating self and courage is key in my develpoment, both perosnally and profesisonally. As I grow and continue to learn to master it, its converstauons like this one here that I learn something new. It also just feels good to know that I am not alone.

Meet Keisha Booker. Winnipeg’s very own R&B Singer.

I first met Keisha at a local lounge where she performed mixtures of both her music and covers from soul singers such as Lauryn Hill. I was immiately intruged by her confidence during her performance, I thought to myself ” What a brave women!” So I immidiatly wanted to learn more about what it takes to be that couargeous!

Join Keisha and I as we chat her journey being an artist, what imspired her to take up music, how she cultivates her version of self love and so much more!


To learn more about Keisha coonect with her on twitter www.twitter.com/Keishabooker.


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