I know I say this a lot on this podcast, but I seriously love what I do. What I love the most is the incredible people I get to meet, like these two women right here.

All the way from Detroit, Michigan, meet Tiffany and Shama, hosts and producers of The Chai Tea Podcast. What I admire the most about the Chai Tea Party Podcast is their intentions of creating and facilitating important, and sometimes “taboo” conversations that need to happen in their communities. Shama and Tiffany unapologetically discuss topics such as dating, sex, sexuality, relationships, physical, mental & verbal abuse, the stigma of mental health, religion, college, and the experience of growing up in “White America.”

What’s exciting about the age of new media is that so many people of colour are using it to redefine and take back their narratives, and podcasting is a great way to do exactly that. There is also something extremely liberating about creating and producing your own work, which is why I am so excited about this interview with Tiffany and Shama, it really does take a lot of guts to have hard conversations, especially as women of colour.


Join the ladies from Chai Tea Party and I, as we chat the importance of taking risks, redefining our narratives as people of colour, overcoming internal struggles and so much more.


In this episode we will elevate you by…..

  • The power of vulnerability
  • How and why Podcasting & Social Media can help make a difference in your community and the world.
  • Tiffany & Shama share their experience starting The Chai Tea Party Podcast
  • Inspiring others through your story…And more.


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