We all a unique voice and share it different in ways, so how do you create a brand all while finding your and remaining true to it?
Before we head to this episode, I first want to say a MASSIVE and loving THANK YOU for subscribing, reading, listening, and supporting.
When I first started Soul Unexpected I had no idea what to expect and some weeks, I still don’t. I personally love the idea of creating a brand all while sharing stories. I also particularly love the challenge of figuring things out, and love giving you the best that I got.
My intention for Soul Unexpected is to show you that you too can transform your life and empower you to experience all the beauty of happiness, love, purpose and creativity, with every sense of the word. Mistakes are made here ALL the time!
But I understand it’s apart of “figuring things out” I’ve learned that making mistakes publicly created space for a sense of freedom and surrender.
Creating Soul Unexpected continues to be fascinating, humbling, overwhelming, fear facing, and crazy making experience. So again, thank you!
Meet Stefan Richard. Host and founder of the Ever Sick Podcast. Stefan is also the host for @aptn_ca’s Digital Drum.
Both Stefan and I started our podcasts around the same time, which has lead both of us to some amazing opportunities and experiences. The Ever Sick Podcast show cases indigenous content and stories, and can be found on ITunes.
Join Stefan and I as we chat what it means to express ourselves through Podcasting, what it means to him to build a brand, over coming fear and so much more! Download & Subscribe to the EverSick Podcast on ITunes, Stitcher Radio, & Spreaker.com.
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