“I would like us to break normal, before normal breaks us.” -Brian James

When I first met Brian I knew immediately I had to interview him! What was even more exciting was that he gifted me his book “Breaking Normal” at time when I really needed it the most.

I had all kinds of “Ah Ha” moments reading his book. It also got me thinking-Our desires are available to us, if we just break free from the idea of “normal.”

The truth is, Soul Unexpected wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t personally break normal. A question I get a lot is “did you go to broadcasting school?” and the answer is no I didn’t. I just knew I needed to break free from MY version of normal, and with the help of producer Roger Boyer, Soul Unexpected was born.

Any success I have had in my journey have manifested because I broke free from the illusion of normal.

So, here is an opportunity for you to learn how you can also break normal!

In this episode we elevate you by…..

   – Breaking down what it means to “Break Normal”

                  – Why we self-sabotage and how we can break free from it

-How to curve ball “Stinkin’ Thinking”

– And how being a “Relationship Monster” affects you and the people around you.



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