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Redefining Family: Adoption, Fostering, Identity & Self-Love w/ Jenny Wills

  The ideology of family is so much more complex than many of us assume. I myself am a foster parent, which has really challenged my definition of family since I've started. Many of us believe that the definition of a family consists of biological mother and father, also known as the nuclear family. I [...]

Red Rising Magazine, Defining Narrtives, Identity & Everything Inbetween w/ Lenard Monkman

  Ahhh! We have so many amazing guests on Soul Unexpected, including this week's guest, who is the co-creator of Red Rising Magazine and reporter for CBC Indigenous, Lenard Monkman. Back in December, Lenard wrote an article on the experiences of non-indigenous and indigenous mixed race people, which featured three mixed race women, including myself, [...]

Music & Personal Development: Creating essential life skills through music w/ Quincy Davis

As many of you may already know, I am a huge into combining music and personal development. I spend a lot of time studying both music and personal development and find both help me be more and more productive, empowered, healthy, motivated and on so many levels spirituality aligned, Which is one of the many [...]

Create Your Future: Ultimate Goal Setting w/ Prince Osamede

  This week on Soul Unexpected, we have a repeat guest, my friend and entrepreneur Prince Osamede. Prince is an International best-selling author, Ted Talk Speaker, his week on Soul Unexpected, we have a repeat guest, my friend and entrepreneur Prince Osamede. Prince is an International best-selling author, Ted Talk Speaker, Publisher and just a [...]

2016 Review w/ Producer Roger Boyer & Host Adeline Bird

  And I still can't believe it's been a WHOLE year! 2016 has been one hell of a year for me, both negative and positive, and I know I'm not alone. But here's the thing, 2017 is just around the corner! Finally! I just want to express my love & gratitude to my guests, producer [...]

#Soulfulrepeat- The Power of Starting Social Movements w/ Uzo Ma

This week on Soul Unexpected, we have a #soulfulrepeat w/ my sister-friend Uzo Ma Asagwara. Not only does she have serious swag, she is the creator and founder of QPOC #winnipeg (Queer People of Colour), not only does she slay with the QPOC movement, she's also a psych nurse and entrepreneur. Join Uzo & I [...]

Food Sovereignty w/ Andi Sharma

Finding Self-Love Through Jazz w/ Alicia Olatuja

  Self love is a feeling of utter self-acceptance that is not influenced by what other people do or say. With self love we are open to feedback from both ourselves and others (healthy feedback of course). Self-love creates space for you to use everything that you experience in your life, as information to help [...]

Poetry, Self-Love & Everything Inbetween w/ Poet & Motivational Speaker Mona Mousa

"Your so privileged to call yourself a starving artist, in that success is a choice and starving is not." -Mona Mousa. For many of us, poetry brings to mind emotional and physical memories and experiences. Poetry can be healing and empowering, it's one way I personally evoke change within myself. I love reading and watching [...]

Food Sovereignty w/ Andi Sharma

How important is it for you to know where your food is coming from? Food sovereignty is a rather new political concept and framework that creates space for a rich diversity of concrete polices that are suitable for both local and national issues around food and food sovereignty. So what is food sovereignty you ask? [...]