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Turning Pain into Passion: Taking back the pen w/ #TheMindlessPoet Abdul Smith

  As many of you may know, I am a huge advocate and supporter of the Arts. Particularly when it comes writing and creating content. In a world where we can now express ourselves through things like social media, so many creative and brilliant minds are putting themselves out there and sharing their gifts. Meet [...]

#SoulfulRepeat Finding Self-love through the practice of Yoga w/ Nicole Jolly sacred practice. As a business women, foster parent, content creator and everything else in between, it's the one space I know I can focus on myself, all while creating balance within. This to me is self-love. Yoga has been one of the tools I use in my journey of self-discovery, with each pose [...]

#SoulfulRepeat-Challanging Stereotypes and Decolonization w/ The Love Life of An Asian Guy, Rainer Maningding

  And here we are! Another week of goodness! This week we have a #soulfulrepeat episode w/ past guest Rainer Maningding. The Love Life of an Asian Guy is sponsored by the popular online media platform Next Shark, giving Asian youth a real voice. With over two hundred thousand followers, Rainer uses his plate form [...]

Healing Through Music w/ Marisolle Negash

It's almost impossible to find someone who doesn't feel a strong connection to music. Whether or not you can play an instrument or carry a tune, you can probably list a few songs that can evoke certain emotions, memories and even raise your spirit! For me personally, music is #medicine. It helps me through the [...]

Finding Growth Through Entrepreneurship: w/ Real Estate Entrepreneur Re Peters

    It's that time of the week again! As many of you may already know, we are all about that G-R-O-W-T-H here at Soul Unexpected, and this week's guest knows all about it! I began my journey into personal development back into 2015, what was interesting is whether I was learning from videos by [...]

Creating, Podcasting & Taboo Conversations w/ Chai Tea Party Hosts Tiffany & Shama

  I know I say this a lot on this podcast, but I seriously love what I do. What I love the most is the incredible people I get to meet, like these two women right here. All the way from Detroit, Michigan, meet Tiffany and Shama, hosts and producers of The Chai Tea Podcast. [...]

Comedy, Truth & Defining Success w/ Gilson Lubin

Meet Gilson Lubin. Comedian and TV personality who is originally from Saint Lucia and resides in Toronto, where he currently does stand up comedy. You may also recognize Gilson from MTV, where he spent some time as a host, and has opened up for comedian headliners such as Dave Chappelle.....Yes, Dave Chappelle. I had the chance [...]

Yassmin’s Story: Making An Impact Through Storytelling w/ Yassmin Abdel-Magied

  Women of Colour around the world are using their voices and stories to generate change and redefine narratives that are either limiting or told through Eurocentric lenses. Meet mover and shaker Yassmin Abdel-Magied. Author of her book, Yassmin's Story, advocate, educator, Ted talk speaker, creator of Youth Without Borders, and ABC Tv Host.....did I [...]

Owing Your Crown: Black Hair, Identity & Self-Care w/ Niasha Mckoy

The natural hair movement has gained a lot of attention over the last decade. While it's far from a new movement, black women and men around the world are channeling the empowerment of the 60's and 70's, making it a conscious decision to rock their curls and braids as opposed to chemically altering their hair. [...]

Black Feminity: Representation, Stereotypes, Standards of Beauty & Everything Inbetween w/ Uzo Ma & Alexa Potashnik

We live in a world that frequently denies black women our femininity, people are quick to denounce us as "less beautiful" or if we do carry European traits, such as thin nose or light skin, you are beautiful because, well, that thin nose and light skin didn't come from your black side so you must [...]