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RaWomyn: Passionate, Relentless & Unapologetic w/ Pierette Masimango & Leah Mcfly

  This week on Soul Unexpected! Allow me to introduce you to co-producers of RaWoymn, Pierrette Masimango & Leah McFly. RaWoymn is an event celebrating women of colour, from the arts to media, that includes a photography exhibit and panel discussion. In a true-cross country collaboration. All three of us recognize the influence women of [...]

Healthy Models of Manhood & Masculinity w/ Jeff Perera

  Redefining masculinity and changing the way we see gender roles is key when it comes to the discussion of accelerating the culture shift in how we live and work. Meet Jeff Perera. Creator and founder of Higher Unlearning and two time Ted Talk Speaker. Jeff is a leader in having conversations around sexual assault, [...]

Harvard, Higher Learning & Facing Your Fears w/ Social Entrepreneur & Activist Toni Morgan

  From the moment I read about her story, I knew I needed to get to know her. What I find the most fascinating about her, is her ability to embody such rawness when it comes to sharing her journey. She is not just a media spectacle, she is full of substance. Toni's message of poverty [...]

Hot for Food: Living an Authentic Lifestyle through Veganism w/ Lauren Toyota

  Maybe it's because of my roots, or the fact that food, family, and friends make for such a magical combination, the topic of food always excites me. Seriously. I love to eat it and try new recipes.....I repeat TRY new recipes! In the last year or so, I have taken a conscious interest in [...]

Creating Safe Spaces for Healing, Reclaiming Culture & Health w/ SpiritFusion’s Jade Harper

    Today’s topic is one that is close to my heart, so many of us are awakening to the importance of our health, and reclaiming our bodies through exercise, becoming more food conscious, relaxing our minds, and most importantly, learning about our culture through the courage and strength of Indigenous philosophies. As many of [...]

Transformation Through Self-Love & Authenticity: w/ Media Personality & Coach Nova Browning Rutherford

  It’s finally here!! Season 3 of Soul Unexpected! It feels so good to be back! I am super excited to share this season with you. First up, we have personal development coach, the incredible Nova Browning Rutherford. She is the creator and founder of the blog, But I Love Me More, where Nova shares [...]

Season Two: Reflections of the Season w/ Adeline Bird & Producer Roger Boyer

      Since the launch of Soul Unexpected in 2015, the Soul Unexpected Podcast continues to grow. Combining personal development, social jutice, relationships to activism and so much more, as the host I am so blessed to be learning with you. This season I had the opportunity to interview some pretty powerful guests, from [...]

Dissecting Winnipeg’s inferiority complex: Owning our power and supporting each other w/ Natalie bell & Reno Winston

  Wonderful Winnipeg! One amazing and ever growing city! Winnipeg has become known for its arts, films, restaurants, and devotion to creating better communities, but there is just one problem. We have so many amazing people who are putting on events, conducting workshops, classes etc. and are either going unrecognized or unsupported....or perhaps, misunderstood. So, why [...]

Cultivating Courage & Self-Love Through Music and Passion w/ Keisha Booker

  If I were to ask you what is one qulaity you feel someone with courage embodies what would your answer be? Maybe fearless? or self aware? Would you have said self love? As a content creator, cultivating self and courage is key in my develpoment, both perosnally and profesisonally. As I grow and continue [...]

Stepping Up Our Financial Game: Changing The Way We View Money w/ Real Estate Agent & Entrepreneur John Mark Wilderspin

  When it comes to the conversation of finances, this subject alone can be either exciting or intimidating. Personally, I grew hearing things like "Money is the root of all evil" and in many ways, I can see where this perspective manifests from, but what if we as a generation could change the way we [...]