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Exploring Mental Health & Services for Communities of Colour w/ Uzo Chioma & Gabriela Avendano-Gonzales

For many years I worked in the field of Mental Health. With an academic background in Social Work and a passion for this topic, I have come to an understanding that we cannot have real conversations about mental illnesses if we don't have real conversations about how mental health institutions carry out services, particularly when it [...]

Domestic a Novel: A Conversation on Mental Health & Self-Worth w/ author Tobi Nifesi

  Happy New Year Soul Family! Sending you love & light in your 2018! The topic of mental health is one that is dear and near to me for many reasons. So I made the conscious decision to dedicate the month of January to topics of mental health. So many of us experience some sort [...]

#SoulfulRepeat- Food Sovereignty w/ Andi Sharma

  This week on Soul Unexpected we have another #SoulfulRepeat with the beautiful and intelligent Andi Sharma. How important is it for you to know where your food is coming from? Food sovereignty is a rather new political concept and framework that creates space for a rich diversity of concrete polices that are suitable for [...]

Building a Brand, Overcoming Fear, & Preserving in Entrepreneurship w/ Stefan Richard

    We all a unique voice and share it different in ways, so how do you create a brand all while finding your and remaining true to it?   Before we head to this episode, I first want to say a MASSIVE and loving THANK YOU for subscribing, reading, listening, and supporting.   When [...]

Reclaiming the LGBTQ Narrative Through Podcasting w/ creator & founder of the Gay Lunch Podcast, Kammer Kinnarath

  Each of us carries at least one story that is unforgettable or worth trying to forget. Whether the story is your own or from someone else, storytelling seems to speak to the DNA. When you think of a unforgettable stories which ones are they? Would you say you intentionally look for stories that similar [...]

Dating in Colour While Standing in Love w/ Edmund Machona

   Before I begin, let me start off by apologizing for posting last week’s episode so late. As many of you may know, I am currently under going some life a good way! So please bare with me, providing you with real talk and a dash of positivity means everything to me.       [...]

#SoulfulRepeat-Community Based and Social Entrepreneurship w/ Business Consultant Keisha Paul

This week on Soul Unexpected we have a #soulfulrepeat episode with season 2 guest and business consultant Keisha Paul. Join us as we chat community-based and social entrepreneurship and it’s growth. As well as why more people and organizations are interested in issues in relation to how to encourage a more self-sufficient and sustainable world [...]

A Conversation on poetry, vulnerability & storytelling on life w/ Poet Ian Keteku

This week on Soul Unexpected, I chat with poet & multimedia artist Ian Keteku, who earned the title World Slam Poetry Champion in France back in 2010. Ian defines his work as “critical oratory” feeling compelled to speak on issues that aren’t always talked about. Ian spiritually aligns himself with #afrofuturism. A philosophy of projecting the [...]

The #metoo Movement: Keeping up the conversation with Angela MacDougall

Meet the beautiful Angela MacDougall. This queen works hard to end violence against girls and women as an executive director of the Battered Women Support Services, in Vancouver, BC. For the last 26 years, her work as an advocate, front-line worker, Activist, and trainer has brought a voice of change to service and program delivery. [...]

Perseverance Through Art Form w/ Maiko Watson

  As I grow in the work that I do, I am staring to understand the importance of perseverance. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have felt or have had thoughts on giving up. This is normal when building and creating a life you and desire. Meet this week's guest, [...]