I think it’s safe to say, if you are human, you have probably felt overworked at some point in your life. The feeling of never having enough time, or just feeling stretched out to the max.

When you’ve got big goals and aspirations, it can become a juggling act between career, family, and all the other interesting things that come with life. And I know for some of you the last thing you want to hear are about ways to pump the breaks.

Here’s the thing. Inspirational and innovative ideas and energy, rarely manifest when your burned out.

Da Da Da Daaaaaa! Allow me to introduce to you to Self-Care Guru, Aisha Moore!

Aisha has dedicated her life to teaching women and men, particularly change agents and helping professionals (I.e. Nurses, Social workers, community organizers etc.) find balance with their version of Self-Care in our everyday lives. From managing digital distractions to find more time for self-care to simple technique to reduce stress in 24 hours, Aisha’s got you covered!

In this episode, we cover:

•Why having a daily self-care practice is so essential in your daily life.
•How Self-Care promotes Inner growth & strength
•Keeping your self-care practice to build resilience.
•Aisha shares her top 3 Self-care Tips and so much more!

To learn More about Aisha, you can find her at www.selfcarebyaisha.com



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