My mission? To inspire you to elevate and get you tap into your own creativity.


My definition of what it means to live UNAPOLOGETICALLY is to live a life that fulfills YOU, not your parents, not your friends, or you partner….YOU! It mean creating boundaries, being aware of your environment and always growing. I love media, and the many dimensions of the industry. I am not a fan of the way mainstream media has portrayed BIPOC people for decades (and still to this day). I am here to participate in changing that through podcasting and the work I do.

I am a healer. Lover. Sister. Friend.

Self-help needs to include community help. Its not just the self that needs healing, decades of ancestral pain need healing as well. I believe storytelling is one of those ways we can heal as a generation.

There is this deep and un-denying thirst for connection, justice, love, and understanding what it means to have soul that lives in me.

With a passion for both social change and personal development, Soul Unexpected was created.

This space for the open hearts and souls. It’s a place for vulnerability, life advice, growth through storytelling and sharing. On the other hand, it’s also a place to make mistakes and learn from, a place to ask questions, and find inner and outer peace.

My fire is lit through connecting with others. I am  here to serve, create and spread love.

Welcome To Soul Unexpected….


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