As I grow in the work that I do, I am staring to understand the importance of perseverance. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have felt or have had thoughts on giving up. This is normal when building and creating a life you and desire.

Meet this week’s guest, Maiko Watson. Back in early 2000’s I remember watching Maiko perform at local events, her growth and courage has always been an inspiration to me.

You may recall Maiko Watson as a member of Canadian girl group Sugar Jones, the pop band manufactured in 2001 on the pre-Idol TV series Popstars. She has a rich, expansive set of pipes, imbued with a subtlety that reminds me of singers like Amy Winehouse, Des’ree and Estelle. The Winnipeg native wrote, arranged and produced the 10-song collection – save “Ready To Be Loved,” penned with former husband Remy Shand. Maiko is also an actress and can be found in the movies such as Barbara James. 

Maiko continues to move through her creative journey and is in full awareness of the struggles women and people of colour face when it comes to creating our own art and lives. What I find captivating about Maiko is her ability to own the parts of herself that make her who she really is, from overcoming fear to embracing her version courage, how can you not fall in love the soulful songstress.

In this episode Maiko and I cover…..

  • How she overcomes any shortcomings in the world of music.
  • Why perseverance is key in both your professional and personal life
  • Why being more gentle with yourself is key.
  • Overcoming your own critic.


And so much more!


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