For many of us, film and television can play a huge influence on our spirituality and identity, whether we know it or not. Film and television have been a prominent influence on our narratives throughout history. While film and television are designed for entertainment, it has increasingly started to serve as a prominent spiritual and moral reference point in our culture as a whole.

Meet Ryan Wilson, indigenous filmmaker and actor.

From the age of 11, Ryan always knew he wanted to work in the film industry, and started off by acting and is now directing and producing through his company he co-created Back To Space Productions.

Join Ryan and I, as we chat the connection between film and spirituality, why Ryan chose to become a filmmaker, and the importance of creating our narratives through creativity.

In this episode, we will elevate you by…..

  • Understanding the importance of creating and re-creating our narratives through storytelling using film and television.
  • How and why film and television influence our culture.
  • Why more indigenous filmmakers are needed!


And so much more!


To learn more about Ryan, head over to www.facebook.com/rcwryan


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