How important is it for you to know where your food is coming from? Food sovereignty is a rather new political concept and framework that creates space for a rich diversity of concrete polices that are suitable for both local and national issues around food and food sovereignty.

So what is food sovereignty you ask? First, allow me to introduce you to food policy analyst and writer for the the Huffington Post, Andi Sharma. Not only is Andi a food policy analyst, she also really loves to garden, and gifted me some delicious salsa straight from her garden!

Andi is overall someone you just want to get to know. She’s woke, funny, and very knowledgeable.

In this episode we will elevate you by…..

•Understanding what and why food sovereignty is so wasting in our current society.

•The negatives and positives of the food sovereignty movement.

•Ways you can begin to make change your relationship with food and the earth, so you can begin to live a healthier lifestyle.

•How food sovereignty can fight things like hunger.

To learn more about Andi connect with her on twitter and Instagram @andisharma.

And so much more!

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