I’m excited to get into this month’s topics!

Have you ever wondered what would your love & sex life would look like without the social constructs of things like racism, gender and what I like to call “illusionary” gender roles?

Or have you ever simply wondered what healthy sexuality really means, particularly as people of colour?

Meet Tracie Gilbert. Tracie is a sex educator, editor and consultant. With nearly 20 years experience serving urban youth, young adults, and their advocates. She received her Masters of Science in Education at the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently a Doctoral Candidate with the Centre for Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University.

You are all in for such a treat! Tracie get’s REAL in this episode.

Join Tracie and I as we chat..


  • How colonization has and continues to play a role in how BIPOC communities choose to date.
  • Why looking at ways to decolonize sex & relationship is so important for communities of colour.
  • Consent
  • What would sex & relationships look like without white supremacy
  • Healthy sex & relationships as women of colour
  • What does it mean to be Black & Sexy in the 21st Century
  • Sex & Trauma
  • The “Civilized Gaze”


And so much more!


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